AMD&ART: The Project, 1994 – 2005


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The Wetlands


AMD&ART: The Project, 1994 – 2005
AMD&ART: The Project, 1994 – 2005
AMD&ART: The Project, 1994 – 2005

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In order to make the old Colliery site, covered with four-to-eight feet of bony or waste coal, into a viable wetlands, we first had to remove the waste coal through a GFCC (Government-Financed Construction Contract) Permit, issued by the Office of Surface Mining and the state mining office, that allowed a coal hauler to remove 70,000 tons of material at no cost to AMD&ART, a huge savings. We then worked with Dr. Charles Lee ( and the US Army Corps of Engineers (Pittsburgh District and ERDC, Vicksburg, MS) to produce a recycled soil to cover the excavated site, blending a number of topsoil materials from combinations of bony residual, dredged material, wastepaper, yard waste, sawdust, mushroom compost, fresh cow manure, aged cow manure, processed cow manure and chicken manure, again at very small cost to AMD&ART. Other specifically blended soil was used to plant 1,000 trees and shrubs that created the Litmus Garden, and for the recreational fields and other areas throughout the park.

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