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Publications About the AMD&ART Project

"Art That Works": AMD&ART founder/director T Allan Comp profiled in DemocraticVistasProfiles: essays in the arts & democracy.

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"" artist feature on AMD&ART., AMD&ART feature "Downstream Avant Garde", by Jessica Goodson.

Web Video

"AMD&ART" Park grand opening held October 26, 2001, covered by Greenworks Producer Dave Beste.

"AMD&ART" feature on's "Trail Mix" show, covered by writer/photographer Dan Simon, 2003.

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Web Radio

"Part 12 Nature As Healer: Restoring Life As Community", Bioneer Series III: Entire 13 Part Set (Tapes), New Dimensions World Broadcasting Network.

Print, or non-web based publications

Virginia Maksymowicz, Sculpture Magazine May 2006: "Reclaiming the Past: Art, History, and Science in Rural Pennsylvania"

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