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Vintondale Site Sign Text

Pond 1 Signage Pond 2 - 4 Signage Pond 5 Signage Pond 6 Signage Litmus Garden Signage

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Below, the full text of the informational and educational signs that appear throughout the AMD&ART site at Vintondale.

1, 1a) AMD Treatment System

The acid mine drainage (AMD) flowing into this pond comes from an old coal mine approximately one-half mile away. Groundwater that flows through the abandoned mine becomes acidic and dissolves metals such as iron, aluminum, and manganese from the exposed surfaces. Throughout our region, contaminated water from abandoned mines flows untreated into many of our streams.

Acid mine drainage (AMD) destroys the normal ecology of the stream. Metals from AMD coat the streambed, making it impossible for bottom-dwelling organisms to survive. This kills the foundation of the food chain, so there is no food for larger aquatic animals, such as fish.

2) Acid Pool

The Acid Pool is the beginning of the AMD treatment system. The discharge flowing from the pipes comes from the old Vinton Colliery Company Mine No. 3 and has high levels of iron and aluminum. Notice the orange color of the iron oxide (rust) settling out of AMD when it reacts with the limestone lining the pond.

3) Wetland Treatment Ponds

6) Vertical Flow Pond

7) Final Settling Pond

8) Wetland Water Quality

9) Wetlands as Habitat

10, 10a, 10b) Wonders of Wetlands

Wetlands serve many important functions.

11) Coke Oven Path (2 sides)

12, 13) Litmus Garden

14) Wetlands as Water Purifiers (by natural wetlands)

Funding for this part of the Vintondale AMD&ART Remediation System came from the funding sources noted in the documents below.
  • Signage and Video Grant, PA Growing Greener, 1999 – 2000 PDF | Word

    We wanted a site that would engage any visitor at any time of day without staff being required. Signage made that possible and we did our best to make it as art-full as everything else on the site.

  • CTC Foundation Signage Grant, 2004 PDF | Word

    This grant represented extra help for more signage.

Documents are available in PDF format, viewable in the free Adobe Reader, and in Microsoft® Word format.

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