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Staff and Board of Directors

T. Allan Comp, Ph.D.

Founder / Project Leader
T Allan Comp, Ph.D.

Jo Hanson, the pioneering public artist in San Francisco, once described Allan as "a relaxed blend of John Muir, John Dewey and John the Baptist." He holds a Ph.D in history, worked for several years in cultural resources with the National Park Service, left that to work as a developer of historic properties and consultant to historic preservation projects, and then to work for a regional Heritage Area in western Pennsylvania where he invented AMD&ART. Always a volunteer for AMD&ART, his work attracted the attention of other watershed and community improvement projects in the Appalachian coal country and in the Western hard rock mining country as well. Winner of multiple awards in partnerships and planning, Allan now leads the OSM/VISTA Team and Brownfields Initiatives at the Office of Surface Mining in the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Board of Directors

President of the Board E. Jeanne Gleason

President of the Board, E. Jeanne Gleason

Jeanne Gleason was among the first to realize Allan might not be crazy and this idea just might work. She insisted it had to be big. She has been a constant partner/contributor/leader and inspiration throughout the development of AMD&ART. She is the former director of the Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance and now serves as a Board Member for the PA Council on the Arts, among many other responsibilities.

AMD&ART Design Team

We are committed to an interdisciplinary approach on two levels. First, our Design Team is one of three critical elements to the AMD&ART process, the other two are the community and our AmeriCorps and VISTA staff. Second, the Design Team itself is a collection of diverse disciplines and perspectives, creating a collaborative process critical to success in environmental reclamation and community building.

The core Design Team for Vintondale included:

T Allan Comp — Historian and Project Director
Bob Deason — Hydrogeologist
Stacy Levy — Sculptor
Julie Bargmann — Landscape Designer

Others deeply engaged with AMD&ART and with specific installations on the Vintondale site:

Peter Richards — Sculptor
Angelo Ciotti — Sculptor
Michael Oppenheimer — Sculptor
Lily Yeh — Artist
Jessica Gordon Liddell — Great Map Mosaic
Anita Lucero — Mine No. 6 Portal Etching

AmeriCorps Members and VISTA Volunteers

AmeriCorps Members and VISTA Volunteers have constituted the entire staff of AMD&ART from early idea to final completion. We are proud of their work and deeply appreciative of their efforts.

Full-time AmeriCorps and VISTA with AMD&ART

Rob McCombie
John Turner
Shelbie Knox
Elizabeth Pillsbury
Jessica Johnson
Ellen Micoli
Jenny Brown
Dana Serovy
Rosalyn Robitaille
Shannon Peterson
Emily Ruby
Bethany James
Roman Chiu
George Turner
Rebecca Reese
Cynthia Wigger
Nicholas Anzivino
Nicolette Slagle
Dana Zufall

Other AmeriCorps and VISTA have been of significant assistance, working from their own projects with AMD&ART.

Jill Byers
Deborah Cascino
Peter Dedek
Julia Herbst
Zia Knupp
April Newell
Alexandra Rogers
Abigale Stangl

Researchers / Work Study Students / Interns

No project can prosper without the assistance of many. We are indebted to all of those listed below for their assistance, large and small.

Erin Bouch
Jenny Brown
Tim Bulter
Meredith Casper
Dave Clark
Aaron George
Kristy Gerlich
Matt Gorton

Amy Gossow
Carol Kalabar
Kathy Penrod
Charlene Replogle
Ashley Shafer
Heather Sharp
Anne Stone
Brian Swistock

Susan Thering
Stephanie Troyan
Alex Ward
Elizabeth Elliot
Abigale Stangl
Holly Lees
Jimmy Tucker

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