AMD&ART: The Project, 1994 – 2005


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The Great Map

AMD&ART: The Project, 1994 – 2005
AMD&ART: The Project, 1994 – 2005
AMD&ART: The Project, 1994 – 2005
AMD&ART: The Project, 1994 – 2005
AMD&ART: The Project, 1994 – 2005

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Our Great Map Project, a large mosaic inspired by the original 1923 Sanborn Insurance Map of the Vinton Colliery, overlooks the wetlands, linking the humanities and the arts in its visual and interpretive power. Standing upon the map, visitors can locate and compare the present landscape and buildings to those of the mining times. The eighteen-by-twenty-two-foot platform holds a nine-by-fifteen-foot mosaic and is located across from the former entrance to the Mine No. 6 Portal and immediately adjacent to the Ghost Town Rail Trail. Framing the map are 131 granite tiles, fifty-four of which are laser-etched with community images, newspaper headlines and text. The word "hope" has been translated into twenty-six of the languages once spoken in Vintondale. Visitors and residents alike now have the opportunity to recognize, understand, and reflect upon Vintondale's rich community history, an area often overlooked in mining towns.

Funding for this part of the Vintondale AMD&ART Remediation System came from the funding sources noted in the documents below.
  • Pennsylvania Humanities Council and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Grant for Public Programs Combining the Arts and Humanities, 2001 PDF | Word

    We were among the first to win in the competition for this innovative and remarkable effort by State Arts and Humanities Councils to cooperate in funding cross-disciplinary initiatives. It's always a good thing to go for a new grant category — no one knows the inside track to success.

  • Rockefeller PACT Grant, 2001–2005 PDF | Word

    Rockefeller came through for us again, allowing the additional support for the basic Great Map Arts-and-Humanities grant.

Documents are available in PDF format, viewable in the free Adobe Reader, and in Microsoft® Word format.

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