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The Treatment System

Discharge from Vintondale Mine No. 3

The Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) we treat is coming from Vintondale Mine No. 3. Opened in 1899 by the Vinton Colliery Company, it was one of the first in the country to utilize the newly developed "long-wall" method of mining. This mine was one of six that the Vinton Colliery Company operated in the Vintondale area, all now abandoned. Today the mine has filled with water and the resulting AMD discharge is piped from the mine opening, across the old railroad bridge at the west end of the site and into the first pond or cell, which we call the "Acid Pool."

Water Quality at Vintondale Treatment System

Location Date Flow (GPM) pH Alkalinity to pH 4.5 (mg/l as CaCO3) Acidity to pH 8.2 (mg/l as CaCO3) Fe (mg/l) Mn (mg/l) Al (mg/l) Sulfates (mg/l) Suspended Solids (mg/l)
Pond 1 Inflow 6/15/2004 75 2.8 0 303 15.6 2.35 26.3 603 < 3.0
Pond 1 Inflow 4/4/2005 300 3.0 0 285 14.6 2.78 44.2 580 < 3.0
Pond 1 Inflow 1/10/2006 60 2.5 0 350 23.0 2.50 41.7 450 < 3.0

Monitoring Data from Mine No. 3 Discharge
Table prepared by Kiski-Conemaugh Stream Team
Funding for this part of the Vintondale AMD&ART Remediation System came from the funding sources noted in the documents below.
  • OSM Cooperative Agreement: 2000 PDF | Word

    While OSM often funds treatment projects of this kind, this was our first big break, making the rest of the project possible.

  • Technical Assistance Grant for Survey Work: 2001 PDF | Word

    A small but critical grant to resurvey our completed site.

  • OSM Cooperative Agreement Phase II: 2003 PDF | Word

    A second OSM grant for corrections and enhancements — correcting what we learned we needed to fix within the treatment system after a few years of operation. Any large and complex system like AMD&ART should presume you will need this kind of fix.

Documents are available in PDF format, viewable in the free Adobe Reader, and in Microsoft® Word format.

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